Corrugated Plastic - Our signs are printed on corrugated plastic. Corrugated Plastic is an extruded twin-wall plastic sheet manufactured from durable polypropylene resin.

Coroplast - Coroplast is a brand name of corrugated plastic and a registered trademark of Coroplast, Inc. The word Coroplast is sometimes used to describe corrugated plastic much in the same way that Kleenex is used to describe a brand of facial tissues.

Flutes - Corrugated plastic is constructed of twin-wall plastic sheets. The twin-walls are joined together with a perpendicular I-beam formed plastic that creates hollow flutes thru the center of the material. The I beam formed flutes give this sign material its strength.

Screen Printing vs Digitally Printing- prints with two different methods of printing, screen printing and digital printing. The artwork submitted, number of colors & the number of signs ordered will determine which method will be used to print your order of signs. Each method utilizes outdoor durable UV inks. is proud to stand behind each printing method 100%.

Screen printing requires creating a stencil on a screen and then using that screen & a squeegee to apply ink on the corrugated plastic sign board. Each ink color is screen printed using a different squeegee, stencil and screen, one color at a time.

Digital printing is the newest printing process where your artwork is processed by a computer, and printed directly onto the sign board, much like your inkjet printer at home, only on a much larger scale. Each printing method has its strengths. Our team of graphic experts and your art will dictate which printing method to use for your sign order.

Screen printing is the best most efficient method for designs with few colors and long print runs. One example would be a sign order for 100 two color yard signs for a political campaign.

Digital printing is best used for signs with small order quantity, high amounts of detail or copy and photographs. The digital printer does not use screens or stencils which allows more detail than traditional screen printing. The design that is printed digitally allows for a quantity of one. Screen printing usually has a minimum quantity of at least 10 or 25 signs because there are screens, more setup, and extensive prepress labor cost.


Again is proud to stand behind each printing method 100%.

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